January 20, 2008

Aluminum Anodizing

Aluminum anodizing is a process to cover aluminum surface with substance below the oxidized aluminum layer on the surface. This layer is very thin can transparent so the substance below this surface can be seen like coloring etc. To make aluminum surface have good color usually use textile coloring agent.

The electro deposotion of aluminum has been investigated for use in coating steel strip, in electrorefening and ini the cladding of uranium. Upto 76-cm diameter parabolic mirrors have been electroformed in 750-liter solutions. Limited commercial applications of aluminum plating have been reported.

Aluminum, because it is much more chemically active than hydrogen, probably cannot be electrodeposited from solution that contain water or any other compound with an acidic hydrogen, for example, acids, alcohols, esters, ammonia, and primary and secondary amines. It can be electrodeposited from inorganic and organic fused salt mixtures and from solutions of aluminum compounds in certain organic solvents, only the National Bureau of Standards hydride process has achieved a modest degree of use and is considered in this chapter.

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