September 4, 2017

Anodizing Practice

Anodizing Process in Practice

The operations required for the anodic oxidation of aluminum and its alloys with subsequent sealing and coloring of the film are outlined below:

Anodizing with Subsequent Sealing of the Film

  1. Degrease with organic solvents
  2. Dry
  3. Jigging Parts
  4. Clean unpolished parts chemically and polished parts cathodic
  5. Wash in hot running water
  6. Wash in cold running water
  7. Remove smudge
  8. Wash in cooled running water
  9. Inspect
  10. Dye
  11. Wash in cold running water
  12. Wash in hot running water
  13. Remove from jigs
  14. Dry
In anodizing process part 1 usually use for aluminum parts that is used for other parts or for spare of other thing. In anodizing process part 2 is used for part that use for finished material like key handle, window frame etc. Each of those process will describe more detail in further.

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