September 30, 2017

Anodized Products

Many products that processed by anodizing we called it anodized product, mostly use aluminum as the raw materials. We don't realize that many of products that use at our home using anodized aluminum. Product that use of this process also use as decorative finished. As on the picture below decorative finished products can be use with electronic base product. This often use as the base electronic product because current product most dominated by electronics. Electronic product also very fashionable and often change their model overtime. To completed the new model that will be released anodized producer use this change to involve on the electronic's fashioned.

Many anodized product as on the picture may have used by us, some of them just a toys that is anodized product, and some of them often an ornament part.

Other anodized products that often use by is windows frame that made from aluminum. The brown color of window as below is the result of anodizing process.


Other kind of anodized product that often use in our home is lamp reflector, this reflector and car lamp reflector is made from aluminum that finished by anodizing process. Good reflector effect on this anodized product have no doubt.

Lamp reflector

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