November 12, 2009

Anodizing As Decorative Finished

Anodizing process often use as decorative finished in surface coating industries, beside the product will appear more interesting, anodized can applied as protection of metal from further corrode.

Products that is used of anodizing process for a finishing like on window or door handle, on car wheel, on window frame, on cover of many electronic product and on game trophies. Many accessories product also use anodizing process as finishing process to make them more interesting, like on key chains, and on doll parts.

Anodizing process on many part and on building structure is used as final protection on aluminum metal in order this metal will pretend from further corrosion. Actually aluminum without anodized process also will protect their self by build thin layer called as aluminum oxide that will prevent to aluminum metal from further protection but this layer is not strong enough, different with the anodized layer that deliberately created by the industry. This anodized layer is stronger and not easy from scratch.

Anodized result also can produce many colors on the aluminum surface that depend on the mechanism of coloring, this color is produce from chemical composition reaction or from textile dyes that is inserted into the below of the top layer of aluminum oxide. To make the top aluminum oxide layer stronger that natural oxide layer, anodized aluminum layer than sealed with special treatment. After the product is sealed than rinse with clean water

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