November 9, 2008


Rinsing is a process that does in between of anodizing process step, rinsing also do in preparation for plating. The result quality will depend on the rinsing process, if many chemicals or organic substance left on the metal surface will result a bad electroplated or anodized product.

Proper and complete rinsing is a necessary part of all cleaning operations. Complete rinsing is not accomplished until all the partially dissolved, loosened, or emulsified soils adhering to the metal surface have been removed along with the film of cleaning solution that clings to the surface as the work is removed from the cleaner. Since the material rinsed from the surface of the work will end up in the rinse tank, all rinse tanks should be kept overflowing continuously with a large volume of incoming fresh water. Rinse water that is too cold will be slow in action, and in machines with fixed time cycles it may cause trouble; this problem arises only in winter. Spray rinsing is generally more effective and more economical thank rinsing. Details of rinse tank and spray rinsing equipment are given by Lux and Linford and Pinkerton.

Recycling of rinse water to converse water and reclaim chemical is becoming not only important but necessary. Seek the advice of an expert before investing large sums of money in any water conservation program.

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