October 20, 2009

Master Anodizer

To control an aluminum anodizing process we can use aid tool like Master Anodizer for controlling anodizing rectifier. Using master anodizer we can reduce the costs and improve the quality. Master anodizer implement technology developed over many years of practical anodizing shop experience.

This equipment is exist after the technology improved and equipped in the tank cathode system and electrolyte that we can get better quality controlled of hard anodizing, as virtually eliminate a part of burning, reduce raw materials, reduce energy cost and shortest cycle times for using in the large industry.

Using this equipment the operator is very simple, just set the target coating thickness for certain anodizing application, number of parts, and the area of one part using simple and uncluttered keypad. Choose current density and ramp time, or just accept previous value or change for certain parameter value. Then put the part in the tank and press start.

When the job is done, master anodizer give an alerts to the operator and either shut down the rectifier or sets it to an idle or soak value, as desired. We also can pause the process if there any problem during the running process, for example to monitor the progress, and carry on from where you left off.

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