October 29, 2009

Surface Coating Industries

To coat materials certain metal can use severa method be applied, such as using electroplating, anodizing, galvanizing, oiling and painting, or using integrated between painting and adhesive, or anodizing with painting.

Product of the surface coating industries are essential for the prevention of all types of architectural structures, including factories, from ordinary attacks of weather. Uncoated wood and metal are particularly susceptible to deterioration, especially in cities where soot and sulfur dioxide accelerate such action. Aside from their purely protective action, paints, varnishes, and laquers increase the attractiveness of manufactured goods, as well as the aesthetic appeal of a community of homes and their interiors. Coatings that are used to cover buildings, furnitures, and the like are referred to as trade sales or architechtural coatings in finished are applied to a wide variety of materials, such as metal, textiles, rubber, paper, and plastics, as well as wood. Architechtural coating are usually applied to wood, gypsum wall board, or plaster surfaces.

The surface coating industry, is indeed as ancient one, in fact. Noah was told to use pitch within and without the Ark. The origin of paints dates back to prehistoric times when the early inhabitants of the earth recorded their activities in colors on the walls of their caves. These crude paints probably consisted of colored earths or clay suspended in water.

The Egyptians starting very early, developed the art of painting and by 1500 a.c. had a large number and wide variety of colors. About 1000 a.c.they discovered the forerunner of our present day, varnishes, usually naturally occurring resins or bee-waxes were the film forming ingredient.

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