July 30, 2011

Color Hard Anodizing

Color anodizing is depend on the color type that implemented on the finished product, the coloring process on anodizing is applied on the coloring process before the metal being sealed. The mechanism of coloring is varied depend on the color finished product want to be resulted. Like the coloring using oxalic acid can produce color in many kind of colors, it depend on the thickness of the anodized oxide film. Anodizing using oxalic acid can produce color like silvery, brass or bronze that should be use in different voltage, bath temperature and duration of anodizing.

this product use hard anodized with color
hard anodized product

Anodizing with chemical dyes like on textile industry also can result in many color of finished product, and if you want a bright product that apply polishing method by satin anodized finished. Anodizing also can produce non reflective finish like bead blasting prior. Teflon coated anodizing also available in many color, clear anodizing, or super thick finished.

Teflon impregnated anodizing is merely an additional step to the anodizing process that puts a Teflon seal in the anodizing giving the metal a very slick and naturally lubricated finish. Bead blast service of all metals can be done on site with 50 horsepower screw compressor and glass bead room.

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