June 29, 2011

Anodizing at Home

Anodizing aluminum can make the aluminum more durable to the season effect and atmosphere chemical contain that make the aluminum corrode. Principally anodizing will make the aluminum have the below characteristics:

  1. Make the aluminum surface hardness more tough
  2. Anodizing will protect the aluminum from corrosion
  3. Anodizing will make the color of aluminum more interesting

As have discussed at the previous blog on anodizing process, the step of this process as follows:

  1. Use sulfuric acid that can take from battery acid or accu-sir
  2. Rinse the aluminum tube or plate by water, rinse and immerse in a bath of caustic soda solution.
  3. Rinse again the aluminum plate with distilled water
  4. Using car battery charger to anodize the aluminum, you can use two plate of aluminum or one aluminum and one from lead plate to make anodized
  5. Hook the aluminum one plate use as cathode and connect to negative pole of battery charge. The other part use as anode is hooked up with aluminum wire to the battery charger.
  6. Dipped on acetic acid solution and turn on the battery charger with 2 ampere at first. Increase the current until 10 ampere after a few minutes.
  7. After 105 minutes the part was showing a slight yellow tint and surface wasn’t quite as shinny, the current flow will off. This indicate that the anodizing have finished.
  8. Rinse the part on distilled water
  9. Immerse in the dye solution, then the final process is sealing process.
  10. Rinse with distilled water again and then placed in boiling water for 30 minutes to seal the surface

By those process can result many kind of color surface depend on the dye color you applied.

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