August 20, 2010

Plating On Aluminum Metal

Pure Aluminium will difficult to be electroplate by other metal because aluminium tend to oxidize very fast and other metal will difficult to deposit over the aluminium metal. But alluminum alloy can be electroplated because the properties of this alloy have changed if compare to pure aluminum. Many metals are electrodeposited on aluminium alloys to obtain various decorative and functional finishes. The deposits applied for decorative finishes include chromium, nickel, copper, brass, silver, and gold, as well as alloys and oxidized modifications of these. The function of these electroplate material are like silver applied to improve conductivity, brass to facilitate adhesion of rubber, copper, nickel or tin for assembly by soft soldering, chromium to reduce friction and impart wear resistance; zinc to lubricate threaded part and tin to reduce friction on bearing surface.

It has long been recognize that aluminium and its alloys require specific surface preparation for successful electrodeposition. Such special treatment is necessary because of the high position of aluminium in the electromotive force series and because its relatively impervious and rapidly formed natural oxide film.