December 11, 2009

Aluminum Alloy List

Aluminum alloy is aluminum metal mixed with other metals, with the purpose will change the original properties of that metal and hope will have a better metal properties and have light weight as aluminum.

Aluminum alloy have many use in various application, from decorative metal until structure metal. Aluminum is prefer use in structure in plane, conductor and building because this metal is light but originally have soft properties, to create aluminum have better properties than mix with other metal and hope will have benefit original properties as metal and will change to strong metal like iron or steel.

The kind of aluminum alloy are list as follows:
  1. Al-Li (aluminum metal mix with lithium metal)
  2. Alnico (aluminum metal mix with nickel and cobalt); this alloy are used for permanent magnets.
  3. Duralumin (aluminum metal mix with copper)
  4. Silumin (aluminum metal mix with silicon)
  5. AA-8000: used for building wire in the US per the National Electrical Code.
  6. Magnalium (5% magnesium)/used in airplane bodies, ladder, etc.
  7. Aluminum also forms complex metallic alloys, like β-Al-Mg, ξ'-Al-Pd-Mn, T-Al3Mn
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