December 14, 2008

Electric Current for Pickling

Electric current is used to make pickling more effective. Cathodic pickling is practiced on stainless steels. It increases the effectiveness of the pickling and is a good way of activating the surface so it will plate satisfactorily. Anodic etching of high carbon steel with sulfuric acid (135 – 550 g/l) is an effective method of removing the last traces of smut and scale from high carbon steel before plating.

Corrosion inhibitor are used in many heavy duty descaling baths to protect the basis metal. However, inhibitors are widely used in plating line because they can cause plating problems. If inhibitors are required, adequate cleaning to assure their complete removal is necessary.

Many acid baths with varying concentration and combining of acids are used to obtain the desired descaling, brightening, and acid dipping qualities necessary for good plating. A few typical bath that suitable for pickling process will describe more detail in the next blog.

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