March 24, 2010

Aluminum Oxide Problem

Some experience of practitioner of anodizing have problem as follows: They anodized of boat hardware such as cavitations plates. The problem is the dyed coating becoming faded after being subjected to normal sunshine. This particular boats are not subjected to salt water on using, but after sun exposure, a non adherent powder forms. Other problem is seem any an irregular pattern caused by hand cleaning with solvent to remove polishing compound.

The answer from other website I think is not right, because the non adherent powder that merge on the anodized part actually that aluminum is become oxidized and convert into aluminum oxide. This can happen if aluminium that is used in anodized in not a good quality, more pure of using aluminium part will get better result of anodizing. The next step after anodizing process are coloring an sealing the anodized part. This step are very important to get a good long life product.

A simple sealing on anodizing is just using of dig the part on hot water but for extended method should fit with the colour agent and the sealing thickness you want. Preparation and finishing on anodizing process become the important part of anodizing process. If the preparation don’t serve in a good way, the product result won’t get satisfied, if the finishing process is not treat as is, the result also can not stand for longer. Anodizing is really need more knowledge and should be prepared before, beside the tools, technology and the process itself.

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