January 15, 2010

Anodized Metal For Lasering

There are a question about anodizing metal like this:
I am an artist who also do laser engraving, sometimes I ask to engrave metal with my laser but unable to do so. I was told that the metal can be anodized but needs a special solution which is not readily available here. Is there a substitute or am I looking for the wrong thing?

Before that question be answered better to read this article about anodizing practice and theory, because I am wory that that persons don't understand what is anodized process.
Engraving and Anodizing is different method and different application so engraving will use for different purposed. Engraving is to omitting of metal layer using chemicals, if some chemicals react with the metal while on certain pattern is cover with coating agent than the chemicals can be prevented to react with the metal. While anodizing is creating of layer on aluminum or other kind of metals.

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