February 18, 2008

Anodizing Result

The example of anodizing process to aluminum plate, that I have try are like to the image below. This plate just uses anodizing process without coloring on the anodized film, after anodize only need to be sealed on the parts. This part have anodized for 2 years ago and still don't corrosion. Read about how to make sealed on the anodize part.

The benefit to aluminum parts that have anodize will not oxidized more to the part because anodize itself make the aluminum parts become anodized with electro-anodized process. If the anodizing process result a thick film thickness, this product become more durable and will not corrode anymore. On than connection the important process on these sequential processes is the sealing process. If the film layer on the aluminum anodized part being eroded then the inner part of aluminum become corrosion and will result a bad part or spot on the aluminum parts.

The example part that has eroded is below; this because sealing treatment on this material is not perfectly.

The example parts below had been anodized treatment perfectly:

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