November 18, 2017

Hard Anodizing Aluminum

Hard anodizing aluminum is similar to standard aluminum anodizing in that are controlled by electrochemical processes. The key difference is that hard coat anodizing provides a surface more wear resistant and has a smoother and harder surface than standard anodizing. Hard anodizing aluminum will result a uniform aluminum oxide layer on the surface that penetrate the material pores. Anodizing process condition for hard anodizing involved by submersing part in sulfuric acid solution at room temperature from 20 minutes two hours. The longer time submerged determines the thickness of coating. Aluminum oxide formed in the surface during hardcoat anodizing is more uniform, dense, and much harder than the natural oxidation.

The benefit of Hard Anodizing:

The benefit of hard coat anodizing have many, some reason to create hard coat for aluminum anodizing is as follows:

  • More corrosion resistance
  • Looking better than normal aluminum
  • Use as insulator because oxide film can’t conduct electric current
  • Increase wear resistance and abrasion resistance
  • More bright can use as reflector
  • Light weight
  • Flame resistance
  • No contaminate for example in use for medical instrument

Many Hard Anodizing Aluminum Application:

Some service company and repair company use hard coat anodizing process to serve their customer to give satisfaction to their customer and create credible company for their service.

Many application can use hard coat anodized, for example as below:

  • Automotive
  • Aviation & Aerospace (mostly all frame and the furniture use aluminum anodized)
  • Buildings & Architecture (for structure frame, windows and door)
  • Electronics (for casing of electronic)
  • Food Manufacturing / Preparation Equipment (canning and keeping material and product)
  • Home Furnishing
  • General Manufacturing
  • Marine Industry
  • Medical / Dental Equipment
  • Military / Law Enforcement
  • Sporting Goods

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