November 15, 2017

Galvanized Paint Price

Many kind of spray paint sold not just usual paint but some spray paint is anodized spray paint and galvanized spray paint. Galvanized paint is paint that contained of zinc on the paint compound, zinc paint coating is a simple method to coat with zinc like in galvanizing process but only by painting. There are many galvanized paint product and different price for this paint. If see on the characteristic of zinc element, this substance have 419.4 oC, can’t dilute in ordinary solvent. Zinc very soluble in hot KOH, so spray paint should be modified in order can dilute zinc in cold solution. What the quality of this paint that make some type of galvanized spray paint have different price. See galvanized paint price on the below paint product, and learn what type of this paint of every product trademark.

Many Type of Galvanized Spray Paint Sold in Online Shop of Indonesia

  • Primo Zinc Spray Paint, galvanized compound for anti corrosive, volume 400 ml. Price: Rp. 195,300 (color Dark Grey). Stand to hot until 450 oC, fast dry only 15 minutes.
  • Primo Zinc Spray Paint, galvanized compound for anti corrosive, volume 400 ml. Price Rp. 185,000 (color dark grey), use as base paint.
  • Primo Bright Spray Paint, galvanized compound for anti corrosive, volume 400 ml, Price Rp. 184,500 (color silver metallic), stand to hot until 315 oC, fast dry.
  • Karmand cold galvanized for anti corrosive, use as primer coating. Price Rp. Rp. 400,000. Karmand cold galvanized compound is a compound contain of aluminum substance, zinc and certain resin. This paint can apply to all alloy steel and hard steel, piping, steel tank, and exhaust of cars. This pain in use should be dilute in Thinner karmand CG or Thinner A special product.

Price of galvanized Spray Paint in Ebay online shop:

  • Aerosol Spray Paint Satin Gloss matt Primer Peel-able Galvanized 400. Price £ 5.85. Auto extreme (400 ml spray paint). Use as superior paint finish, color gloss satin and matt finished.
  • Action Can ZG 90 Cold Zinc Galvanizing Spray 500 ml. Price £21.45. ZG 90 cold zinc galvanizing spray paint is intended as a repair coating for newly galvanized metal that required repair or re coating to match the original finish.
  • Hammerite Direct to Galvanized metal Paint Quick Drying smooth Black, volume 750 ml. Price £17.99. Hammerite direct to galvanized metal paint is specially designed to be applied directly to galvanized metal without the need for a primer, use as paint act as both primer and topcoat in one applied.
  • Action Can ZG-90 Cold Zinc Galvanizing Paint Aerosol 500 ml. Prize £7.73. Action can cold zinc galvanizing paint. Two botton for varied spray pattern and application in exterior windy conditions.
  • Zinc Rich Galvafroid Type Cold galvanizing Paint – High Zinc Rust Inhibitor, volume 1 Ltr. Price £ 28.75
  • Metallic and Enamel for all purpose aerosol spray paint DIY Gloss Matt Primer Graffiti. Price £5.75. Aerosol Spray Paint DIY use for a superior paint finish. Paint factory with volume 200 ml spray stand to heat temperature until 600 oC.

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