October 14, 2017

Copperplate Script

Copper plate script is collected by Columbia University Libraries. The scripted is made by John Ayres, in 1683. Copperplate script is calligraphy handwriting in beautiful written. Calligraphy word itself is may derived from Greek for beauty (kallos) and write (graphein). Most calligraphy is made by pen and ink on paper or parchment, but for the time being this calligraphy already made by engine like computer or printing industries.

Calligraphy in dominant style use in copybooks were splendidly printed from model engraved on copper, so one of documentation of this handwriting style is named by copper plate. Different understanding with copper that coated to certain plate, this plating product also named with coppercoated or in other used called printed board if use in electric circuit board, for this people usually called as printed circuit board or PCB.

callygraphy is a handwriting art
Copperplate more well-known in art world. One of the example resulting calligraphy art is in the small picture as follows. Handwriting right now is not common because people more familiar write with computer or hand-phone, so we can’t in art written, like calligraphy. But for people who have talent in hand writing and draw, they must explore their talent to express their imagination and knowledge.

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