October 18, 2017

Anodizing Dye

There are many ways to get color in anodizing process. On the basic process of coloring anodized metal is not using anodizing dye but use some chemical that will reacted after the chemicals are inserted into the pores of anodized film. See on the sealing process and coloring of anodized aluminum.

coloring agent

Currently dying agent for anodizing aluminum already provided in chemicals shop, so we don’t need any reacting chemicals to make some certain color. For example to make gold color on the surface of anodized aluminum. We just mixed with water of chemical powder for one pack can mixed with 4 liter of water (on this purpose we use distilled water). For work with one pack formula, we can use 10 liter tank volume to make sealing process of anodized aluminum.

If you want to buy this dye agent there are many coloring agent are already provide for certain color. The price is depend on your country that may different. Just for image that the most expensive is gold color then black color, other color usually cheaper. 

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