October 23, 2017

Anodized Brass Product

Anodized product have many variation on the market, one of the variation is anodized brass. This anodized aluminum is using brass as based metal. The product of anodized brass is very interested while this metal is one of alloy aluminum metal. This product need to be anodized on the surface because aluminum alloy also still react with outside air to make oxidized aluminum, the surface which is corroded to form oxide film aluminum oxide is very bad looking. After anodizing the surface of anodized brass and followed by sealing process this product became stand to corrode.

Aluminum alloy product commonly used in aircraft structure, this surface already anodized in order stand to corrode. Even the color of surface still in natural color but the surface actually already anodized. Some of aircraft structure is not in natural color but white anodized color on their surface.
Brass actually a kind of alloy that produce as follows: quote from brass as alloy steel.
Brass is an alloy consisting of 50% or more of copper, to which zinc and smaller amounts of other elements usually tin, lean, or aluminum have been added. Bronze is a copper base alloy where tin, rather than zinc, is used). The color, strength, machine-ability, and corrosion resistance of brass are determined by the percentage of zinc and other metals present.

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