June 4, 2011

Aluminum Anodizing not use Sulfuric Acid

On Aluminum Extrusion and Finishing Company, the anodizing facility for aluminum profiles using sulfuric acid. The companies get inquiries for anodizing steel. But using sulfuric acid process is not suitable for steel.

Can anyone give some guidelines / process (suitable electrolyte and other data) to carry out industrial anodizing of steel?

Anodizing forms an oxide protective barrier on aluminum but if you form iron oxide over steel it will not protect it adequately, for that reason a different compound has to be developed. You may want to explore blackening, galvanizing or phosphate coating of steel.

Some companies claim that they know an Electrochemical Process for stainless steel wherein Chrome Oxide can be produced/enhanced and by varying the thickness it attains different color. May be, you are talking about that. But, to the best, the term "Anodizing" is used only for Anodizing of Aluminum.

Form more information about anodizing process can see on the following process; aluminum anodizing.

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