January 11, 2011

Chemical Finishing

Chemical finish is a part of process to make brightness and smooth on the surface of metal. Chemical treatment is done to anodizing when all the process of anodizing have completed. Cleaning also called as pre anodizing process or can be said as pretreatment or clean up or polishing after anodized as a part of process phase.

Beside use chemical treatment, smooth process also can be done by mechanical process. Parts after anodized can be smoothed by 1. mechanical polishing with abrasive coated wheel or belts. 2. Tumbling with abrasive media or 3. Vibration with media. Abrasives with a size range of 220 to 300 mesh glued on cloth usually used for mechanical polishing. Wheel rotate with a speed from 2100 to 1400 m/min. Abrasive belt should be lubricated by small amount of grease. Die casting usually are polished individually in 30 sec or less. Larger casting sometimes require 5 to 6 minutes.

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