June 22, 2010

Colouring Process on Anodizing

Coloring process on anodizing process name as dyeing. Coloring is proposed to produce a decorative finished product with many kind of color. The dyeing is preferably done immediately after anodizing process. The anodized components should be thoroughly washed free for all residues of the anodizing solution and stored in cold water. Coloring with inorganic coloring matters is affected by precipitating a colored compound in the pores of the film. It this process, the anodized parts are immersed first in a solution of one compound. In both solutions, the parts are kept for 5-10 minutes. The solution are used at room temperature. The component of some suitable solutions of this type are given in the table.

ColorSolution 1 (g/lt) Solution 2 (gr/lt) Pigment Formed
BluePotassium Ferry Cyanide
(10 - 50)
Ferry Chloride (10 - 100)Prussian Blue
Brown- do -Copper Sulfate (10 - 100)Copper ferry cyanide
BlackCobalt Acetate (50 - 100)Potassium Permanganat
(15 - 25)
Cobalt Oxyde
YellowPotassium Bichromate
(10 - 50)
Lead Acetate (10 - 50)Lead Chromate
Green YellowSodium hyposulphyte
(10 - 50)
Potassium Permanganat
(10 - 50)
Manganese sesquioxide
WhiteBarium Acetate (10 - 50)Sodium sulfate (10 - 50)Barium Sulfate
OrangePotassium Chromate
(10 - 50)
Silver Nitrate (50 - 100)Silver Chromate

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