November 1, 2008

Barrel and Vibratory Cleaning

Barrel Cleaning on Anodizing

Barrel and vibratory cleaning is a specialized method of preparing large volumes of small parts. It is effectively when used on parts that are too small or too light for spray washing or have a tendency to pack or nest when placed in baskets for immersion in soak or electrocleaners. The method should not be used on thin or easily deformed parts since there will be considerable mechanical action in the process. Because it is impractical to inspect individual pieces, the cleaning cycle must be thoroughly reliable. Great care should be used to make sure that rinsing is thorough.

Vibratory Cleaning

The development of methods of deburring, finishing, and polishing by vibratory means has advanced rapidly. Parts move slowly in a vibrating and moving bed of abrasive media and detergent compound solution and are scoured, scrubbed, and finished to the desired surface finish in relatively short times and in large volume. Fragile parts that would be badly damaged by barrel finishing methods can be processed by vibratory methods

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