November 1, 2017

Mechanical Polishing

There are many kind of polishing method on anodizing treatment, there are mechanical polishing, electropolishing, spin polishing that include of mechanical polishing, and also pre-polishing of metal coating. Aluminum anodized surface need further step to polish the surface in order get a shinning surface of object. Polishing surface of anodized aluminum can be follow the procedure below.

Step to apply clean and polishing aluminum

  1. Wash aluminum steel with water and use regular dish soap. Use soft cloth or spon to scrub away any dirt that may already long time stay on the surface.
  2. Rinse with water
  3. Made a paste by mixed of tartar cream with little water to form paste.
  4. Use soft cloth or sponge and apply paste to the surface of aluminum. With small circular moving start clean the surface.
  5. Use small brush to clean detail of part like the corner in a piece.
  6. Rinse again with water and let it dry by wiped with dry cloth.
  7. Use aluminum polish and wipe into the surface of object with soft cloth. Polish substance only apply to aluminum pieces that are not used for food as it is not safe to be consumed. This polish can be apply to outside of pans or pots, but not to apply to object that will contact to burner or fire. With small circular moving rubbed the object with soft and clean cloth until shiny.
polishing paste
Polishing paste

Tips on Polishing Method

To clean aluminum anodized surface, don’t use bake soda or Sodium Hidroxyde because this chemicals can react with aluminum surface and make broke the surface of aluminum or it can cause discoloration.

Don't use abrasive cleaner and scrubber when clean the surface of anodized aluminum, aluminum oxide can scratch easily.

When use new type or new trade mark of cleaning product better test to small object to try the quality of that product, don’t directly use in real object that will cleaning.

Drying surface immediately when rinsing after polishing to avoid streaks and spots.

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