October 3, 2017

Black Anodized Aluminum Quality

The quality of can be seen on the surface coated. If the quality of black anodized aluminum product have bad quality then you can scratched the layer of aluminum surface easily, this mean there are something wrong on the aluminum anodizing process. To make sure that the quality of anodized aluminum surface we can test use several ways. Try by hand to scratch the surface quality, look the quality of color if the color look just on the surface its mean black color can be only using paint or other colorized paint, or using paint and then coating with varnish, This all type of coating plate can be different.
  1. When you can scratched the surface of anodized surface, this mean that the quality of anodized aluminum is very bad.
  2. Black Anodized aluminum product may be just cosmetic like only use paint or then coated by varnish you can rubbed with thinner, if the the surface color being blur its mean that anodized product only cosmetic not really anodized aluminum.
  3. The last thing if the quality of black color agent is not good, this also can make the surface color can be very bad, but this is still anodized product. See on mechanism of coloring anodized product.

Actually the oxidized thick is very thin only in micron but surface coating is strong enough because this made from metal, anodized aluminum is metal. You can scratch this surface only use by metal or by other hard thing like stone, if just use smooth wood or your nail this surface wont scratched.

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