October 19, 2017

Anodizing at Home

You can anodized aluminum at homes, but some of conditions should be followed. If not follow the result will not maximal.

Condition for anodizing by your self:
  1. Use pure aluminum in order can get best result
  2. Use pure sulfuric acid mean not contaminated by other chemicals
  3. Use pure DC electric in order can get open pores of aluminum surface, for this you can take car battery, it’s depend on the current flow you need but better use current controller equipment in order can control constant current flow, current is no need too high but regular in continues flow.
  4. Use anodized dying or chemicals coloring agent that already test in order get best coloring result. For this I have search in internet like Clariant also sell good product for anodized finishing. In your country could be different product.

If you use coloring agent from credible supplier you can ask them to get the best anodized color, as their promotion. The coloring agent that provide from Clariant are vary, for black colors and also for many other interesting colors. Sanodal for deep black MLW, sanodal Gold 4N for gold color, sanodal green 3LW for green color, sanodal orange 3LW for orange color, sanodal red B3LW for shade red color or nearly bronze color, sanodal turquoise PLW for prusian blue color.

For example several colors agent produce by Clariant Chemicals as on the picture below:
On preparation and finishing of base aluminum, you can search in this blogs. Through the step by step on aluminum anodizing.

coloring agent
clariant agent

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