October 17, 2017

Anodized Aluminum Benefit

Anodized aluminum is aluminum sheet or parts which already gone through anodizing process. Anodized aluminum should be finished object not raw material. If anodized aluminum as raw material the process on forming goods can injure the anodized surface. Anodized aluminum have benefits more stand to corrode and even more stand to friction. Beside this anodized benefit, anodized aluminum also have good color looking and make prefer to choose.

How the process of aluminum oxide can be?

Aluminum is a soft metal and easily corrode on the surface to form aluminum oxide. After oxidation reacted on the surface, the corrode process will stop because blocked by aluminum oxide. On the normal condition this aluminum oxide easily broke and rubbed so natural aluminum oxide can’t stand too long. After rubbed the oxide layer, then corrosion process will continue and corrode will more deeper happened.

Why aluminum should be anodized?

On the artificial aluminum oxide, aluminum oxide film can resist to friction because surface pores of aluminum oxide already closed by sealing process. On further process of anodized aluminum process, before this pores is closed, aluminum oxide can be inserted color, after the color dye enter to the aluminum oxide then the oxide film closed. Old technology can able to change the oxide film by reaction the aluminum metal below the oxide film with certain chemicals and change the color because of new chemicals form and have certain color. On modern technology the mechanism of coloring is not just by reacted the surface of aluminum but by inserting color to make the surface of aluminum below oxide film is colored. To make coloring happened on this process by conditioning the dying agent molecule must smaller than the pores of oxide film hole. By sealing process this oxide film is stronger than nature oxide film, this make anodized aluminum more resist to corrode as long as the oxide film not broken.

Where you can make anodized aluminum?

You can do this process at your home, or laboratory for small experiment. For big project you must find-out some anodized aluminum service. Some small organization of anodized aluminum service also available and accept for small part to be anodize and usually also serve of raw material purchase. Anodizing of aluminum actually is not a difficult matter and you can do on your small lab at your home. You just need to provide DC current source like car battery and some chemicals that already sold in Autoshop’s spare part, solution to fill wet car battery, that have chemicals name sulfuric acid.

When you must anodized aluminum?

After you make some part from aluminum metal you should be anodized the part before its being corrode and change the surface color become bad look with white spots. In order get good result of anodized aluminum, you must use pure aluminum, more high purity will result better anodized aluminum, but more pure aluminum metal will be more soft.

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