April 14, 2013

Motorcycle Anodizing Parts

For motorcycle parts can be anodized in several part like wheel aluminum, aluminum block engine, and other part that may construct from aluminum material, but not material that should be compact and tight because the anodizing process itself need reaction with acid chemical that can make damage to the part itself. Motorcycle spareparts or car part is not composed from pure aluminum but this aluminum is already mixed with other metal usually called as alloy.

Part that no need to be precise and will no effect to the installation can be anodize by many kind of anodizing process. Motorcycle parts anodized can be implemented by industrial but don't try by yourself to anodize other parts, especially the part that need tight and precise installation. Because this part can be leakage and not precise anymore after anodize. This already happened in aircraft accident doe to coated their spare part in order get the dimension, they coat spare part with chromium coating.

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