January 7, 2012

Buffing and Polishing

Mechanical polishing and buffing have the objective to make a rough surface into a smooth surface. If the work piece have different condition it will need different procedures. Buffing is like an abrasion process to the hill that have jagged mountains and valleys. Polishing also treat to the article that have been anodized, this process to make the article more luster and bright.

One of the major applications of anodized aluminum involves the production of finishes resembling bronze, brass, gold, silver and their alloys. In such cases apart from the choice of suitable coloring materials, an important part is played by the conditioning and preparation of the surface of the metal prior to anodizing.

Before the article being polished, it should follow the pretreatment before polished first. The articles are pressed against the abrasive loaded rim of rapidly rotating flexible wheels made of leather or coarse cloth discs. Two or three successive processes are usually used with progressively finer abrasives; grease or oil lubricant is applied during the final cuts, and the surface is brought to a satin smooth but entirely lusterless condition. The grease not only lubricates the operation, but supports and to some extent masks the abrasive particles; it also removes the frictional heat and prevents burning or scorching of the surface.

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