June 7, 2009

Reinforced Galvanized Used

The wire used in the construction of a galvanized steel-reinforced aluminum conductor shall, before stranding, satisfy all the relevant requirement of this standard. The lay ratio of the different layers shall be within the limits given in the limitation table. The ratio of the nominal diameter of the aluminum wires to the nominal diameter of the galvanized steel wires in any particular construction of galvanized steel reinforced aluminum conductor, shall conform to the appropriate value as given on the table. In all construction successive layer shall have opposite direction of lay, the outer most layer being right handed. The wires in each layer shall be evenly and closely stranded. In conductors having multiple layers of aluminum wires, the lay ratio of any aluminum layer shall be not greater than the lay ratio of the aluminum layer immediately beneath it.

Unless otherwise agreed to between the purchaser and the manufacturer:
  1. galvanized steel reinforced aluminum conductors shall be supplied in the manufacturer’s usual production lengths and with a permitted variation of ± 5 percent in the length of any one conductor length
  2. it shall be permissible to supply not more than 10 percent of the lengths on any one order in random length
None of them shall be shorter than one third of the nominal length. The standard specifies various tests including selection of test samples, breaking load test for both aluminum and galvanized steel wires, ductility test on galvanized steel wires, wrapping test for both aluminum and galvanized steel wires, resistances test on aluminum wires, galvanizing test on galvanized steel wires, etc.

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