April 10, 2009

Applications of Anodized Aluminum

Aluminum anodized products are used in many application either for industrial product for construction material, and for household applications. Anodized aluminum products have better strength and good for long live construction materials.

The anodic oxide film effectively protect the metal against corrosion and can serve as electrical insulator. It is also used to provide a decorative finish, as a base for photographic reproduction, and in the manufacture of printing plates.

Corrosion Protection
The sulfuric acid process is commonly used to produce corrosion resistant films on aluminum and its alloys and is capable of producing films of adequate thickness (not less than 0.015-0.02 mm) having high adsorptive and protective properties. Sealing in chromate solution for corrosion protection is essential. Part subjected to serve corrosive conditions are protective with anticorrosive varnish primer applied after chromate sealing. In practice use is made of solution of linseed oil in suitable solvents, colorless oil varnishes, phtalate varnishes and zinc chromate primers.

Electric Insulation
Oxide film insulation on aluminum has a number of advantage over other forms of insulation. The oxide film is thin, heat resistant, has a good thermal conductivity and resist to action of water vapor and of many corrosive agents. Its drawbacks include its limited elasticity, the difficulty of obtaining film having a breakdown resistance of more than few hundred volts, and the appreciable gyroscopic nature of the films.

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